Norwegian researchers reported findings from a 15-year study on the link between sense of humor and mortality among 53,556 women and men in their country. The team assessed the cognitive, social and affective components of humor using a validated questionnaire, and examined death from specific conditions: heart disease, infection, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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People who understand humor live 20% longer.  Seriously, is there an easier way to increase longevity?  I don’t know if you can develop a sense of humor if you don’t have one. But I suspect that we can learn to not take everything too seriously.

So here are a couple of kids Sunday School bloopers.

  • The seventh commandment is thou shall not admit adultery
  • A Christian should only have one spouse. This is called monotony
  • St Paul cavorted with Christianity. He preached holy acrimony which is another name for marriage


And now drumroll, an original from my 11 yo Grandson (according to his father).

  • Past, present, and future walked into a pub,
  • They were tense.

Just relax and enjoy.  That is not too hard, is it?