Hi, I’m Ron Woodward

Owner/Founder of The Game Of Life

If you think that living a few extra years in vibrant good health is desirable, then we hope you will take some time to see what “The Biggest Winner” is all about.

It’s all about helping you to increase your “Healthspan”

Six months ago, Aug 2018, I had an epiphany moment. I am in my 80th. year, and it suddenly dawned on me that I am running out of time.

I started searching for ways in which I could postpone my appointment with Mr.Reaper.

What I found was so motivating that I felt the need to share this with you.

Don’t get me wrong, this desire is not purely philanthropic. I would really like to monetize this. I have a wonderful wife, four sons, their partners, and six grandchildren, all of whom could use a legacy.

However, I intend to hold on to that legacy for as long as possible.

So, for six months I have been trying to “walk the walk” so that I would feel more comfortable in “talking the talk”.

I have lost 14kg, reduced my girth by 6cm, and acquired a biological age of 65.

I think I was a couple of years younger than my chronological age when I started out but I am prepared to attribute an extra 10 to the “longevity” lifestyle I have been living since last August.

So, my challenge to you is, “Are you going to let a nearly 80-year-old codger like me beat you in the Game Of Life?”

My target, between now and 14th January 2020, (my 80th birthday), is to lose another 10kg and gain another 10 years of healthspan. I really hope you challenge yourself in a similar way.

GameOf.Life is starting life as a Blog/Vlog with a focus on examining the pillars of longevity that stave off aging.

I would really like it if some of you chose to go on your own longevity quest. You may have suggestions for me as to how I should develop this site so it can be more informative and functional. They would be greatly appreciated.

If you start on this journey, don’t be like me. Find out as soon as possible what your current biological age is. There will be a page that documents all the metrics that inform on that.

You will then need feedback. Well, most of you anyway.

In a couple of months, I will have two AI Avatar’s (ArchIe and AnnIe) who will analyze your feedback relative to your goals and hopefully, guide and coach and encourage you to reach your goals.

We will have “The Biggest Winner” competitions. Get your loved ones to compete as a group. If you are a Corporate Exec, point out to your Board that the companies most valuable resource is their intellectual capital, and it behoves them to look after that. So get the Executive team to participate.

There will be an online competition for everyone.

Finally, we will have a competition along the lines of The Biggest Loser for 12 people with the objective of posting weekly videos of the journey of each of these. The winner will be the person who gains the most Healthspan. Extra Healthspan, in itself, should be an adequate reward, but we will supplement it with some, yet to be determined, prizes.

So, please, commit to yourself and your loved ones that you are going to be around for an extra decade or two and get involved.

Register, Like, Click the notification button, Review, Join the Forum, and interact. It will be through your feedback that we will make progress in having this be a more meaningful and productive experience for you.