Human Lifespan

– is defined by the longest observed human life. This remarkable feat was achieved by Jean-Louise  Clement who died at the age of 122yrs and 165 days.

Longevity Definition

– life expectancy refers to an estimate or an average number of years a person can expect to live. Most of us would expect to fall short of Jean-Louise’s mark.

Health Span

– is the period we can expect to live in relatively good health.

Health Span
Health Span of Major Countries

Japan leads with an average life expectancy of over 83 with the USA falling short of 80. However the important features of the graph  are the orange and red bars which show, respectively, the additional years of ill health in 1990 and increase in additional years of ill health between 1990-2013.

The United States has increased life expectancy since 1990 by about 14 years, but only 3 of those years are lived in good health.

This is frightening.

Ageing is multi-factorial and our life expectancy is determined, in large part, by the choices we make.

Similarly,  we can choose to increase our longevity by paying attention to the factors that are beneficial to the prospects of living a vibrant, long and healthy life.

These factors are

  • Nutrition:- specifically, the consumption of a calory restricted healthy eating plan consisting of nutritionally dense, multicoloured vegetables, adequate protein, unsaturated fats and low carbohydrates.  If necessary, due to the need to become less obese, the lack of nutrients can be supplemented.
  • Exercise:- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or Resistance Training with weights gives the most bang for your buck in terms of maintaining skeletal and muscular fitness. Aerobic exercise gives you stamina and Yoga, and Pilates keeps you flexible.
  • Your Brain capacity diminishes with age. Ever since Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain that Changes itself“, we know that we can rejuvenate our brains.
  • Meditation:- has a profound effect on brain function. The Alzheimers Foundation researched Kirtan Kyria Meditation (12 minute chant) and found that it increased the grey matter, switched off the skin ageing gene and increased telomere length. Vipassana meditation has had even more profound effects.
  • Microbiome:- More than half of who you think you are is not even human. It belongs to the wonderful world of microbes. These microbes live in your gut, on your skin and in your brain. There is a Gut-brain connection and there are neurons in the gut.  A healthy gut is a pre-requisite for a healthy life
  • Sense of Purpose:- Too many people find retirement a death knell. This is mainly because the reason for living, (the need to make a living) is absent.  Find something that inspires you.
  • Finally, laugh. People who understand humour live 20% longer.

Our mission is to assist you to bring as many of these factors of longevity into play in your life.  We hope you will consider the potential benefits to you and subscribe.

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