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  • Yoga focuses more on the mind and breath while Pilates focuses on movement.
  • Yoga holds poses while Pilates is more flowing.
  • Yoga requires and develops more  flexibility while Pilates develops a stronger core.
  • Yoga encourages meditative focus, resulting in a calmer demeanour and mindset. Pilates was developed to realign the natural curves of your spine and fix imbalances caused by poor posture.

Science based Longevity Benefits of Yoga

Growth Hormone and DHEAS increase dramatically

  • Growth hormone (GH) and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) secretion decline with advancing age and are associated with the symptoms of aging.
  • 12 weeks of yogic training produces a significant increase in GH and DHEAS for both male and female groups as compared to their baseline data
  • Males GH improved by 115% after six, and 282% after twelve weeks.
  • Females GH increased 120% after six  and 200% after twelve weeks.
  • For DHEAS the comparative figures were 16.95% and 58.67% for males and 32.15% and 48.5 for females.

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