What is special about the average Monacoian?

They have the longest life expectancy in the world. Nearly 90. It doesn’t hurt that, on average, they are very rich.

So what is it that sets them apart?  Genes? Mediterranean diet? Great Health care? Probably, if you are retiring and wealthy and in relatively good health, Monaco is a great bucket list choice.  Monaco does not add to life expectancy. People with long life expectancy end up in Monaco.

The Biggest Winner not about increasing lifespan. There is no point if what you get is a few more years of suffering.

This book is about increasing your healthspan. (the period of your life that you are healthy).

The average American lives a decade shorter than the Monacoian and spends the last 20% of their life in disease. (16 years)

We can influence both how long we live and how well we live and sadly, according to the statistics, not enough of us do.

One would think that the reason is that it is really really hard to do.

The truth is…. Once you know what to do, once you start, you feel gooood.  You become addicted to the endorphins coursing through your veins. You look better. You increase your healthspan.

Yes it is hard to remember to stay on a healthy eating plan.  It’s hard to become motivated to do regular exercise. It is hard if you have stress. And it is doubly hard if you already have a disease.

But commitment is just a choice. And, if you commit to do what you know in your heart you should do, then you will increase your healthspan.

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