Why play Game of Life?

Because everyone on the planet is a player in the Game Of Life.

Because those who succeed keep playing, those who don’t, don’t.

A desirable goal

Almost everyone on the planet who is free from disease and strife would view living longer in vibrant good health as being among their most desirable goals. 

Game of life will help you to live healthier and longer.

Ageing is a multi-factorial disease which manifests itself in some as illness or frailty.

And it is also a choice, because we can slow down or reverse the ravages of time by proactively doing whatever it takes to reduce the risks of morbidity and disease.

How we can help you play

An App

Game of Long Life is a Longevity App which will be available on  Android and iOS in November. 

The Body module focusses on nutrition, exercise and the microbiome. 

The Brain section focusses on sleep, meditation, social engagement, sense of purpose and humour.

An Information Resource

Researchers in diverse fields have identified many of the ways in which we can increase longevity and stave off disease.

Game Of Life will  communicate pertinent peer reviewed knowledge to you so that you can have confidence in the scientific validity of the recommendations.. 

An AI Coach

In the 18th Century people who did not want to take God’s name in vain coined the word GOLLY as an alternative.  However, we are using it as an acronym for Game Of Long Life for You.

GOLLY is an sympathetic chatbot who will provide AI curated longevity guidance to mentor and encourage you to succeed in playing the Game Of Life for a long, long time.

Addressing causes of Ageing


We all know, at least, instinctively, that we are what we eat. Scientists know that a restricted-calorie diet prolongs life.  They also know that we need a balanced eating plan that is dense in nutrients. You can analyse the nutrient content of your favourite recipes. You can evaluate the suitability of different diets and monitor the energy in versus energy out balance in your dairy. 


Adequate physical activity of the right type will add years to your life.


The microbes you host account for more than half of the cells that you identify as your body. If you look after these microbes they will look after you.


We can go without food and water for longer than we can go without sleep.


Social relationships and fun prolong life.

Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose keeps the fires burning.


meaning of life

How is this for an idea?

Let the passion, purpose and driving force in your life be a steely determination to do whatever is necessary to prolong your life and stave off disease.

Use as your motivation an honest assessment of what the alternative will be like.

Game Of Life will help you to live healthier and longer by providing   AI curated longevity guidance tosupport you in this quest.

The biomarkers that influence longevity will be recorded and personalised optimisation strategies will be implemented.

But you have to put in the effort.

When was the last time you gave a 100% commitment to achieving something?

Those of you who have, know that it’s not the destination, but the journey that delivers the rewards.

GOLLY (G) will track, coach, coax and support you in the achievement of your goals, aspirations and resolutions.

Indiegogo crowdfunding

We are looking for early adopters at a discount of 60% of the subscription price.

The subscription service should be available in November. We are looking for Beta Testers to put the App through it’s paces. You will receive a years subscription  and we will give you a wearable fitness tracker as a token of our appreciation for your taking the time to assess whether GameOf.Life delivers the benefits we promise. The App needs the data delivered by the tracker to personalise your coaching program. 

G will help you achieve your target body shape by suggesting and monitoring the appropriate food and exercise plans that will enable you to meet your goals in the time frame you set.

It will monitor your sleep regime and provide visual and sound stimuli that will entrain the brain to give you healthy sleep outcomes.

Meditation techniques will help with stress relief and cerebral regeneration.

Last but not least, you will be encouraged to deepen your social connections and chill and have fun so that life is worth living.

Buddy Support

If you want, a buddy that you don’t yet know will reach out to support you in achieving your goals.  You will also have the opportunity to reciprocate.

Apply to be a User Acceptance Tester today.

When you start on this journey, we will calculate your current biological age. How much younger you grow will be in your hands, but we will hold your hand all the way.