The purpose of the APP/website is to provide a competitive platform for participants to compete with each other to achieve biggest winner status.

When joining the participants will indicate whether they are prepared to be interviewed and if so they will be eligible to compete in the biggest winner competition.

The biggest winner each week is the person who tops the leaderboard for each calculator for the biggest gain in life expectancy over the previous month. If the same person tops multiple leaderboards then we will select the next in line.

People may purchase the calculators for $15AUS each

But if they subscribe at $5 per week (or $2 per week as members of Game Of Life) they will be eligible to go on to the leaderboard for each calculator and on to the composite leaderboard.

Prizes for each calculator will be a suspension of monthly subs for a year (or a shopping voucher for double the annual subscription in the drop store.

We will submit a series of questions to each winner and set up an online interview which we will publish on our website and on social media.

We will track the five weekly winners for a month and declare a composite biggest winner each week for the period 4 weeks ago.

Every 3 months the 12 composite winners will spend a week at a renowned health resort somewhere in the world. (We will negotiate a cross-promotion deal to control expenses)

Technical stuff.

The calculators will be digitally delivered from google drive.

If the user is paying full price he cannot register

If he goes on a subscription service either through bioage or via a voucher from gameofife he will get all the calculators delivered free.

These calculators will operate in an offline mode and in an online mode

The offline mode is the same as the $15 calculators

The online mode exposes a send button which will send data to a server.

This data will be used to calculate the leaderboards and contestants results, including the graphical presentation of the moving biological clock.

The server will retransmit the leaderboard and clock to the sender o thedata.