Longevity testing puts you in the driver’s seat.

” Know Thyself is the beginning of wisdom” Socrates.

In order to know yourself, you must first determine where you are.

To that end, we have developed a suite of Fitness Calculators so you can determine your biological age from a variety of standpoints.

You can assess your aerobic capacity, strength, metabolic health, frailty and psychological well being.

Each fitness test allows you to set future goals so that you can track your progress towards these goals.

Ageing is a multi-factorial disease. Consequently, combatting ageing requires a multi-factorial approach.

But only you can be proactive, and that means, finding out where you are at right now and plotting a course to where you want to be at a specific time.

Our sympathetic AI bot, Golly, will learn what he can about you and try to guide you to the achievement of the goals you set for yourself.

There are some tried and tested metrics which health professionals use to assess a person’s current biological age.

We have developed Calculators for every one of these tests.

Each has some bearing on your morbidity and mortality risk.

Fitness Calculators

The Longevity Calculators are

The combination of how you do in each of these tests will yield a fairly accurate indicator of the extent of your probable future lifespan and healthspan.

We have simplified the tests so that (with the exception of the Grip Strength test) you do not need specialised equipment

You can specify goals and continue to use them to see your progress towards your goals.

The goals will translate into a reduction of your biological age and an extension of your expected lifespan with enhanced healthspan.